Add an “Extra Room” with Garage Floor Xpress & Let’s Throw a Party!

Do you like throwing parties, working on cars with an Indianapolis Motor Speedway touch, want a “tricked out” man cave? Well, that can be done with flair and style. We at Garage Floor Xpress specialize in making your garage feel like another “great” room of any kind using our incredible concrete coating. It’s durable and it shows. But even better it looks high quality and classy. It also comes in multiple looks. All you have to do is to see to believe. “Pick your flair.”

It is just like adding another room to your house. Using our decorative floor coatings, you can create a splash and an amazing foundation for any type of event.  Perhaps you want more family space with a flat screen TV, pool table, or pinball machine. You have the space in your garage. But that is the beginning of the “party.”

It’s the Superbowl! Score! You are there. It’s the heat of the game and it is 1rst and down at the 10-yard line, :30 seconds in the second half and your team is 3 points down.  The energy and adrenaline are palpable and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat. Wait, oh my goodness, your team scores! Everyone jumps in the air with excitement and the munchies or anything in hand go flying! Nobody cares because everyone is high fiving, giving hugs, and celebrating. That is why this is a great coating for the concrete. It is non-porous and so easy to clean up! The memories will stick for years in everybody’s mind not the stickiness that is left behind on the floor. The memories are the most important.  This is a once in a lifetime event so let it HAPPEN!

Here is a sidewinder.  Want a hot tub and don’t want to be outside for the winter?  Bring it into the garage. Open a bottle of champagne or wine, bring the hors d’oeuvres, and have a fantastic time.  Not only that, if folks show up at a party and there is some splash from the hot tub or any liquid spills, not to worry.  The Garage Flooring System is anti-abrasive, anti-slip, and non-porous. Cleanup is a snap. Plus, there is more safety to boot.

This is also important if using the space for a kid’s activity or party.  Safety is always first with the kiddies. The non-slip finish will make everyone feel more secure when the birthday party rolls around because there is a lot less worry about one of the cuties getting hurt.  And, if some punch or lemonade is spilled, remember the coating makes it easy the clean. Oh, those toddler years. Unforgettable.

The possibilities are endless with Garage Floor Xpress.  The floors will shine like you. Show it off!  By the way, you can have a good time too.

Garage Floor Xpress, in any event!

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