Declutter Your Garage Floor in Hilton Head & Bluffton SC

Where are the cars?  If you took a peek into many Hilton Head Garage Floors, you’ll often find clutter, not the cars it was designed for. In a recent survey, 25% of homeowners admitted to keeping such a cluttered garage that the cars must be parked outside. They also say they keep the door shut to keep others from seeing the mess inside. If this resonates with you, it’s time to take action and make a change.

Imagine having a garage so organized that you could use it for cars, or storage, or for that “man cave” you’ve been thinking of. Armed with a goal, a few moments of time, and some tenacity, you could be that person who opens the garage door with pride. 

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Discover How To Declutter your Garage Floor in Hilton Head SC

The first step to achieving an organized garage is separating all the clutter. Give yourself a full weekend dedicated to this task. It’s not a chore; it needs to be done.  Make it a game and the kids can help!

Organize into 3 piles:


Donate or sell.

Throw away.

Ask a friend who can help take an objective look at the items you find “special” or “significant”. They will provide an objective opinion on what pile things go.

Questions to ask yourself, 

“Have I used this in the past year?”
“Do I need 3 sets of these?”
“Have the kids outgrown this?”
“Is it easier to buy a new one, or fix this one?

If you’re hanging onto things you might one day use, think of how you could better use the space they’re taking up. If you have duplicates, keep only the best one and toss the repeats.

Expensive items you’re holding onto go into the “sell” pile. If you plan to host a yard sale, schedule it now. Invite your neighbors to join in, and donate whatever doesn’t sell. The “donate” pile goes straight away! Don’t hesistate.  Bring to the nearest drop box or schedule a pick up today! 

*  Toxic Materials Disposal

Check with your local dump or recycling center.  When are they open?  Plan a trip to take old batteries, paint, cleaning products, fertilizers, and waste oil. Don’t pour anything chemical down your drains! Or in your lawn.  Dispose of them properly

*  Organizating your Hilton Head Garage Floor

Organization could take several days, so give yourself the time you need to do it properly. The better your garage is organized, the more likely it will STAY organized.  First, determine how much space you need for your car, lawnmower, and other large items, and then plan your storage accordingly. Develop a logical storage system: Break the garage into zones and store categories of things together. Keep automotive items in one area, cleaning products in another, etc. Install some shelving for items. Replace cardboard boxes with sturdy, insect- and rodent-proof plastic (preferably clear) storage bins. Label storage bins.

Bicycles and garden tools (shovels, rakes) are perfect to hang on a wall. Move rarely used items such as holiday decorations on high shelves. Frequently used items should be within easy reach. Designate a space for every item that you’ve decided to keep, preferably off the floor


*  Keep Hilton Head Garage Floor Clutter Free

This is the most critical step. Once you’ve got your garage in order, you’ll need to develop strong habits for keeping it tidy and clutter free for the future.  

Put it back where it came from!  Don’t keep buying replacements for tools you already have. Maintain your mower, chainsaw, and other tools so you aren’t replacing them constantly. Keep the floor space clear, and consider refinishing the floor so it looks nice. Garage Floor Xpress can help!  You’ll be less likely to keep it a mess if it looks great when it’s clean. 

Schedule an annual purge of your garage to ensure clutter doesn’t re-accumulate. All the space you reclaim by clearing out your garage will provide plenty of stress relief each time you start your car.  Make a plan today.