Garage Floor Xpress gives you the go ahead! Why not a man cave or workshop right there in your garage.

Want a new exciting addition to your digs? Use the garage. Yes, the garage.  Why?  Because at Garage Floor Xpress  we can turn any garage into a cool new living space or work area.

It is all perfectly doable. How do we do it? We treat your floor with our exclusive floor coating.  Now durgy old concrete looks like a spacious new addition. See the before and after.  That is proof positive. In prep for the coating, we will fill the old cracks to ensure full saturation of the decorative flake. It will solidify the durability of the concrete foundation and will be in great shape for years to come. 

So, there are many things you can use as this new addition takes shape. How about a place to fix your cool hot rod, or even build one. Also, everyone knows that it would be perfect for a workshop of any kind.  Perhaps you have started a class learning woodworking.  Aha, you have the place and the space to build that handmade table. Tongue and groove all the way.

Now, what about a man cave? This is a place for dad to get away for a bit. That doesn’t mean he won’t share but it is just a space to unwind from the daily stress of the world.

While the ladies need their space as well, the man cave is just more masculine. The colors, the gambling table for a guy’s get together, the cigar stash and humidifier, the pool table, the cool flat screen, the sound system, the bar, and stocked of course. The options in a man cave are endless.  And don’t forget the alma maters basketball or football jersey hanging on the wall. A perfect way to remember the good ole days.  The man cave. A great place for the dude of the house to get away or get together with his closest chums.

Remember at Garage Floor Xpress we guarantee our work, knowing it will bring new life to your home. This is not to mention it adds value to your house.   Bada Bing! Add to that equity today, then let’s play.

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