Home office conversion of your Garage in Hilton Head & Bluffton SC

There are so many ways in which you can extend the living area of your home. Try turning your  cluttered garage into a luxury home office in Hilton Head. As home offices become a must in residences across America, the space needed is not easy to find.  For those looking to shape a dedicated home office that is separated from the living space, the garage offers a unique alternative.

There are many options for utilizing this garage space.  Transforming it into a home office is a project that requires some planning. Depending upon your budget and available space, you can create a second living area that provides great opportunities for everyone in the family.  From a homework hideaway, to a gameroom out of the way.  Potential for guest area/room and more!  

Add Your Head Garage Flooring upgrades for new home office conversion in Hilton Head & Bluffton SC

Converting the garage into a home office begins with an assessment.  It needs to be a ‘liveable’ space.  That begins with the flooring.  Garage Floor Xpress offers plenty of options for any budget to transform your garage space into quality living space.  Then concentrate on the walls and windows to improve the insulation of the space from the heat of South Carolina. Updating the windows and adding an additional layer of drywall will make a big difference. 


Once you have the basic structure in place it’s time to provide some design elements.  Spend some time generating ideas of the overall layout.  Where will the furniture be? What types of storage and utility will the space provide?  Map out your final ideas and then begin to add some  style and efficiency to the space. It’s best to choose a neutral color pallet to provide a cool and relaxing space. And don’t forget to add some flair; pictures for the walls, and a free standing book case. Have fun with the new surroundings.


I few last things to remember.  Standard lighting in a garage is likely not sufficient.  Make sure you take some time to determine what your lighting needs are.  Some focus lighting around the desk area and reading chair.  Perhaps changing out the garage doors with a transom panel or translucent glass panels.  Don’t forget that planning is key.  The better the plan, the more successful the renovation.  Contact Garage Floor Xpress when you’re ready to put your project in motion.



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