Quartz Sand - The Long Term Solution for Outdoor Coatings

With a quartz floor coating, you can choose the look that fits you and your décor. By varying the combination of quartz components, our applicators can achieve just about any appearance.

A finished quartz floor is bright, glossy, and has just a slight texture to it. And the floor will retain its appearance—without yellowing or fading due to age or exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight—for years to come, with no buffing, polishing, waxing, or re-sealing.

The only long term fix to spalling and damaged concrete, the quartz sand coating system is taking over the market. This seamless coating will fill fractures, expansion joints and saw cuts in concrete.  Our quartz coating is is available in nine different colors including black, grey, and multiple tans as well as vibrant colors such as blue, green, turquoise, and red. You can have a solid color, multiple colors, and even different patterns. It is entirely customizable to match your house and meet your expectations!

Benefits Include:

  • UV stable & low maintenance
  • A high-end solution for almost any outdoor application
  • No fading or yellowing
  • Long term solution
  • Fixes fractures & expansion joints
  • Weather resistant
  • Unique patterns
  • Quick installation
  • Chemical resistant

The Look of Quartz Outdoor Patio’s - Pool Decks - Driveways

Is your exterior durable enough to withstand this coming summer, as well as year round conditions? Summer is rapidly approaching and as it gets warmer out, we are all aching to get outside and spend time soaking up the sun and splashing in the pool. Whether it’s a barbecue, family gathering, pool party, or just a day of relaxing you want to enjoy it in your own little spot of paradise. You know what quickly ruins the look of paradise? Cracked and chipping concrete and other exterior coatings. 

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place to find out how to revive your exterior and prepare for a worry-free summer! Read more to learn about why quartz may be the best option for you!  Quartz coating is a durable, flexible, weather resistant, stain resistant sand coating. It can be applied almost anywhere you’re looking to have more traction and durability such as your driveway, sidewalks, patio, garage floor, cool decking, pool side, etc.

It covers expansion joints, that are a pain to clean and cause icy spots in the winter, as well as contracts and expands to keep from cracking and chipping. This coating is also durable enough to withstand the application of salt and other snow removal chemicals. Your exterior surfaces will stand up to snow shovels as well as other heavy duty equipment.

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