The Perfect Kid's Playrooms From Garage Floor XPress

Kids hear can’t enough these days. They hear can in Garage Floor XPress’ Perfect Kid’s Playrooms.

Keeping up with kids’ activities is much easier when you’re the parent with the playroom. Beautiful Hilton Head and Bluffton are well known for our regularly scheduled indoor weather days. As fun as our outdoor offerings may be, our indoor spaces are competing for quality time. Some garages are winning the function and beauty awards better than others. At Garage Floor Xpress, making a garage into the perfect kid’s play space is a task we don’t take lightly.

Budding scientist? Potential painter? Claymation? Crayons and Markers? Whatever your kids throw down our floors can handle. Our floors clean perfectly from almost every imaginable mess. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have the cleanest possible play place for kids of all ages. 

Playroom Flooring, Lighting, Insulation and Window Solutions from Garage Floor Xpress

(ABOVE: Sunlight reflects from a custom garage door conversion. This family chose our Sea Pines Dolphin Flake flooring pattern for the perfect playhouse space from Garage Floor Xpress)


Converting the garage into a room begins with an assessment. We look at lighting first. Most garages don’t have enough light to make them a truly ‘liveable’ space. In the photo above light is splashing onto the recently converted flooring from a beautiful new translucent glass panel door. Depending on your color palate, and the available lighting, each of our options can look a little different when applied. We’ll help you choose the perfect one. 

Next, we’ll go over insulating the walls to keep out Southern temps. It won’t feel or look anything like a garage. It will be a room. While you can’t add square footage to your house very easily, you can maximize what you have. Safe, happy indoor play spaces are our passion. What would your kids like? Let’s make it so. 



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